About Us

editDSC_0144 copyDotting i – a multi-dimensional image management company.

In life “Once upon a time …. may not be the actual start of the tale. Every story begins much before the story teller speaks. Therefore when we meet another person we gauge them by the energy they radiate, we measure their appearance, clothes and attitude with our eyes and identify their story before they say a word.

So an image is a beautiful blend of one’s inner values, innate attitude, intellect, imagination, energy, ideas, clothing, appearance, body language, personality and verbal skills that one showcases to the world.

I am a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute, a division of First Impression Consulting, the pioneers of Image Management in India.

The Image program is structured by Judith Rasband, CEO of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. She is one of the world’s only ten Certified Image Masters.

Judith Rasband, the Grand dame of Image management says “Image is a part of who you are .It is you in the eyes and minds of others”

As an Image Consultant & Corporate trainer my mission is to help you discover and define the image that you want to present to the world. This authentic image will then help you, in achieving all the goals that you have set for yourself in your professional, social and personal life.

Let me also narrate how I started my corporate career with its fantastic twists and turns, more than a decade ago.

I spent my initial days doing editing and reporting at a news paper. This helped to polish my fact finding skills and taught me deadlines were as important as the news paper’s headlines.

When Information Technology was booming in Bangalore (it still is), I was in the thick of every interview conducted by Corporate Honchos, as I was Head of Placement Services at premium organizations – Aptech followed by Microland. Here I learnt the worth of presenting oneself in the best possible manner to create an incredible first Impression in a professional milieu.

“Leaders are team players with extraordinary habits” and “The universal energy is up for grabs without being rationed” were the underlying themes of my days as a Corporate Trainer.

My immense love, for all glamorous things, has been re-kindled by learning about personal style in clothing, make-up and Fashion, at Image Consulting Business Institute.

To cut a long story short, I believe that each one of us is capable of shaping our lives the way we want to and telling our stories significantly better, both attractively and authentically.